Who’s Your Doctor?

Each week I get emails from readers who are looking to find a doctor in their area. By and large, I’m not able to offer very specific help since I don’t know many doctors outside my area here iin Jackson, Mississippi.

I know that athletes are looking for doctors who are “tuned in” to the issues that athletes face….not only the injury-related issues, but also issues of ongoing health and nutrition.

I’m hoping that we might share information about doctors we’d recommend to our friends. If you have a doctor (or just know of a doctor in your area) who would be great for an athlete, please let me know (either a comment here at the blog or by email). And let me know what your like about your doctor. I’ll post a list of these doctors as a resource to the readers here at the blog. I won’t be able to “vouch” for these doctors, but I know that a recommendation from a fellow athlete may be meaningful to others out there who are looking for a doctor.


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    New Zealand – Dr John Hellemans // one of the best, in my view – general practice with extensive sports med experience

    Idaho – Dr Jeff Shilt // ortho with sports med experience – biomechanical expert

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    Utah: General: Max Testa (Current Team BMC doc, Pro Tour Team doc for many, many years)
    Ortho: Eric Heiden (5 time Olympic Gold Medallist in speed skating, TdF rider for 7-Eleven, current BMC team doc)

    NorCal inland: General: David Cosca, UCD team doc in Sacramento
    Ortho: Jeffrey Metheny, UCD team doc in Davis
    Ortho hands: Robert Allen, UCD in Sacramento

    Sierra Pacific Orthopedic Center- all their docs were competitive athletes and they’re all still very active, some competing as Cat 1’s in cycling. They cater to athletes. Its mainly ortho but they have a couple general practice docs too.

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    This piece was an inspiration for me to share with everyone I know. I must congratulate the author and the place and coming up with a beautiful creature like this.

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