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I’ve gotten several inquiries lately about (heart) healthy eating for athletes, asking about print or online resources for additional information.

I thought I’d draw your attention to a terrific online resource….the blog of my friend, Vince Matteo. You’ll see that he writes creatively about a variety of triathlon-related topics, but you should check out the “What’s for Dinner?” section, where he keeps what he calls a “recipe blog,” complete with pictures. I’ll put a link on my front page.

Recent recipes include:
Quinoa Veggie Stir Fry
Stuffed Bell Pepper with Salsa Verde
Pressure Cooker Pasta Dinner
Chicken Breast Chili

You can also follow Vince on Twitter at @felog and hear about new recipes as they’re posted. Like I said….a useful resource for athletes of all sorts.

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