USA Triathlon Fatality Incidents Study


Yesterday, USA Triathlon (USAT) released a report entitled “USA Triathlon Fatality Incidents Study.”  The report details the experience with race-related fatalities at USAT-sanctioned races and events from 2003 through 2011.

I’ve written previously here at the blog (August 2011 and January 2012) and also in my column at Endurance Corner about my involvement this past year with this USAT project.

While the report may leave some questions unanswered and might stimulate further investigation, this represents the most detailed look yet at this issue.  The facts are presented along with recommendations for improved race safety, centered around a theme of “shared responsibility”–where athletes, race directors, and USAT all play an important role.

The report is worthwhile reading.  I hope that you’ll read the report and share the findings with your family members and fellow athletes.

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    Your blog is terrific, I’m learning a lot, thank you.

    This is an informative report despite the limited data available on each victim. As a neophyte, I was surprised by the preponderance of swimming fatalities, but your other posts are educating me about SIPE and its possible role here.

    I was also surprised by the age distribution of fatalities, but I realize that it is not adjusted for the total number of participant in each age group. I don’t suspect that info is readily available, is it? I would imagine that the fatality rates would show a significant skew toward older athletes.

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    Your deep sense of commitment to our sport never ceases to amaze me. Thank you to you and your colleagues for conducting such an in depth study. The unfortunate deaths that have occurred in our great sport could certainly put a dark light on it, but this kind of work shows that we as a multisport community are doing what we can to put safety first and minamize the chances for lossing another participant.

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    Thanks for your kind comments, Jeff. I enjoyed helping with an important project. The folks at USAT–the administrative staff AND the volunteer officers, board members, & committee members–are really committed to safety. Hopefully this project will focus our attention on what we together can do to be safe.

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    Appreciate your comments about the blog.

    The age distribution for the fatalities very much parallels the age distribution for the overall participation. Most of the deaths were in the middle age groups. But yes, there was a wide age range for the victims.


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    You are almost certainly aware already but if not I wanted to tell you that you were quoted in the November issue of Men’s Journal, specifically with respect this article. Nice work!

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