Book Review: The Exercise Cure by Jordan D. Metzl, MD

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Dr. Jordan Metzl’s second book, The Exercise Cure, makes its debut next month.  I love the title.  Dr. Metzl is right when he advocates exercise as “a doctor’s all-natural, no-pill prescription for better health & longer life.”

You might think that the importance of exercise is obvious.  Yet nearly 70% of the adult American population is overweight, including more than 30% who are obese, and only the minority get the 150 minutes of weekly exercise recommended by the American Heart Association and other public health organizations.

Some will remember Dr. Metzl from his first book, The Athlete’s Book of Home Remedies.  I thought this book was pretty clever.  In both of these books, he draws from his career in sports medicine and his long career as an endurance athlete.  He currently practices at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York and makes frequent media appearances.  You may know him from the NBC’s Today show.

The book is organized into four sections.  In the first, Dr. Metzl lays out the scientific rationale for regular exercise.  He follows in the second section by describing how exercise impacts our health in a variety of health areas, including the brain and psychological well-being, heart health, musculoskeletal problems, and cancer, among others.  In the third section, Metzl shares a day-by-day, month-by-month plan for how to make exercise part of daily life.  Individuals who’ve already been exercising can join into the program at the Silver level of the three-tiered program.  In the last section of the book, Dr. Metzl offers some very practical advice about nutrition and diet.

The  book will be an interesting read for anybody who wants to learn more about the scientific underpinnings of the relationship between exercise and our health.  But the book will be most valuable as a source of inspiration for somebody who’s currently on the couch.  This would make a great gift for somebody who’s considering becoming more active.

With a release date of December 10, 2013, the book is available now for pre-ordering in hardcover or e-book at Amazon.

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  1. Charles Ruttan says

    Excellent review – hopefully it will be a catalyst for the latent athlete in couch potatoes everywhere – CDR

  2. says

    Good morning Larry:

    Love the new look! have not been here for a few weeks, looks great.

    I have put the book in the Books section of my website at this link,

    amongst other books, medically related, that are written by doctors.

    Like many other physicians, I advise patients to lose weight, exercise, etc, when I do not even do that myself.

    Now, how can a patient take me seriously about losing weight and exercise, , if I myself, am overweight, and don’t exercise?
    Maybe new that I have written it, I will start exercising. will keep in touch!

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