New Look for the Athlete’s Heart Blog!

Starting today, you’ll see that my blog has a new look!

Most of all, I hope that you’ll find the blog simpler and easier to navigate.  I’ve moved the blog to WordPress and reorganized the indexing by category and tag.  The archived content should now be much easier to find for the interested reader.

My mission here at the blog remains the same:  writing about athletes and heart health.  Let me hear from you.  Leave a comment here at the blog and help us have some discussion.  Or drop me a line with a suggestion for an upcoming blog post.

Take a moment to subscribe to the blog and to follow me on Twitter at @athletesheart or on Facebook at /athletesheart.  I’m working hard at being more oganized–and more integrated–with social media.

Lastly, a big thanks to Dr. John Mandrola for his shining example and to Sharon Hujik for her help with the remake of my blog.


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